The Truth about Aliens from Space

Aliens from another Planet

Aliens from another Planet

I want to tell you a story about a lady named Mary Rodwell. She is Australia’s leading authority on alien abductions, and alien sightings. Her son Chris, has had a rough child hood dealing with his mother that believes through and through, that aliens exist, and to her there is no refuting that evidence. However, her son Chris does not believe in aliens, and is a skeptic. He threatens his mother with putting her in an institution. Is this what we come to? Our all of our families, humanity, sense of being been separated over a belief in aliens? How could a soon treat his mother this way. I think that you must be a naive person if you are not to believe that somewhere in this solar system aliens do not exist. That is the evidence. The recipe for life has changed, and NASA has announced that they found an organism that switches phosphorus in our current “recipe for life” for arsenic. Arsenic as we know it is deadly poisonous to most organisms. I know this isn’t the gray alien proof that we wanted, but it proves something very important. Just because we need something like water, for life to exist, doesn’t mean that there isn’t a formula that we don’t know about. This lets us look at planets differently now, and totally changes what we know about biology. We really know nothing about an alien planet (even in our own solar system), unless we have physically been there ourselves and seen the surface, and explored crevasses and other geological features to learn that planet’s past, maybe we could get interrupted by intelligent creatures of that world in the process. I think that this was a very harsh attack that Chris did on his mother Mary. It is obviously something that she is passionate about, and she is not alone. There is no proof of aliens yet, because they obviously wouldn’t like that very much. Chris have you ever thought that the aliens could manipulate their abductees, through implants or attack their psyche to think they are crazy, or fail lie detector tests? There is so much more to study here, and the case definitely is NOT closed. Aliens will always exist to me. Cheers! Mary Rodwell. Keep your head up.

Watch the full video story here:



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